Dominion Two: urban adjacent object
Semesterübung WS 04/ 05 Universität für angewandte Kunst, Wien - Architekturentwurf 2, o. Univ. Prof. Greg Lynn

The summer term will build on last semester's work on 1, 000, 000 m2 mixed-use complexes, focusing on greater organizational articulation. More than last semester, the studio will focus on programmatic issues of floor plate dimensions and programmatic adjacencies, while continuing to develop integrated vertical and horizontal transportation systems and structural concepts.

Our work on the Dominion Center in Toronto last semester developed macro-scale programmatic organizations from micro-scale structural concepts. This term, we will begin with detailed programmatic potentials and necessities, producing a comprehensive organization for the entire building, first in section and then in plan. By the second week, we will review full sets of organizational sections (single line, organizational, not construction, drawings) that fulfil required heights and adjacencies and display a comprehensive, three-dimensional organizational concept.

This work will then be revised and presented in plans and a stacking model during the third week. The plans shall show a solution for the area requirements and adjacencies as well as a spatial dialogue with the intentions of the sections that have been developed in the first week.

Dominion Two Program

ss05 Anna:
Anna Edthofer

ss05 Bence:
Bence Pap

ss05 Cornelia:
Cornelia Faißt

ss05 Dumene:
Dumene Comploi

ss05 Florian:
Florian von Hayek

ss05 Gregoire:
Gregoire Dubreux

ss05 Elizabeth:
Elizabeth Brauner

ss05 Peter:
Peter Vikar

ss05 Siegfried:
Siegfried Baumgartner

ss05 Tim:
Tim Altenhof

ss05 Tina:
Tina Tröster