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The University of Applied Arts Vienna was founded as the School of Applied Arts of the Austrian Museum of Art and Industry in 1867 and was the first of its kind on the Continent. It was here,during the period in which the traditionalists held sway, that the future progressive "Secessionists", such as Gustav Klimt and Kolo Moser, received their artistic training.

The breakthrough of modernity sparked by the Vienna Secession led to a reorganization of the School of Applied Arts, in which such renowned artists as Josef Hoffmann, Kolo Moser , Alfred Roller, Oskar Kokoschka, Heinrich Tessenow and Franz Cizek joined the faculty and established the schoolís excellent reputation, both at home and abroad.

In 1941 the school attained de facto university status, with a new and improved and more in-depth curriculum. In 1970 it was granted de jure university status.

The University of Applied Arts Vienna is devoted to the cultivation and refinement of the arts, as well as to relevant teaching and research. 1100 students from 26 countries attend the university, whose faculty numbers 340 . Art students complete their essential course work in master- classes. Approximately 120 students graduate each year.

The university library comprises 75.000 volumes and 320 periodicals.