Author:   Sue Sellinger  
Posted: 10/8/07; 12:37:59 AM
Topic: Academic degrees and duration of studies
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1. Masterís Degrees:
    Magister architecturae, Mag arch [i.e. M Arch]
    Magister artium, Mag art [i.e. M A]
    10 semesters
    Art Teacher Education
    9 semesters
    (Specialisation in Grafic Design, Grafic and Advertising, Landscape Design, Fashion)
    8 semesters
    Fine Arts
    (Specialisation in Painting, Graphic Arts, Fotografy, Ceramics, Sculpture)
    8 semesters
    Industrial Design
    10 semesters
    Conservation and Restoration
    10 semesters
    8 semesters
    (Specialisation in Intermedia Art,
    Digital Art)

    8 semesters

2. Doctoral Degrees:

    Doctor technicae, Dr techn [i.e. DrScTechn]
    Doctor philosophiae, Dr phil [i.e. PhD]
    Doctor rerum naturalium, Dr rer nat [i.e. ScD]
    4 semesters

3. Masterís Degrees of Advanced Studies:

    "Aufbaustudium Art & Economy"
    4 semesters
    "Urban Strategies"
    3 semesters
    "ECM - Exhibition and Cultural Communication Management"
    4 semesters